• Class Descriptions

  • Parents & tots Ages 1,5 to 3,5 years

    This co-ed class is designed for children 18 months-3.5 years old and requires ONE active buddy-parent, caregiver, etc. As an introductory class in movement education, children begin to develop physical strength and coordination, as well as balance and agility at an early age.  But the greatest aspect of this class is the interaction between buddies and their children.

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  • Pre-School Ages 3,5 to 4,5 years

    This class is designed for children of 3.5 to 4.5 years old & is the first class our students are allowed to participate in all by themselves! Coaches will promote psychical fitness, in addition to introducing basic gymnastics skills on vault, bars, beam, floor, and more! Students are encouraged to discover turn-taking, manners and other early childhood social skills as well as developing body awareness, coordination, and cooperative learning.

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  • Kinder Gymnasts Ages 4,5 to 6 years

    This is a class for children of 4 & 5 year olds that leads into our Junior Recreational Program. Children will be encouraged to master progressively more difficult gymnastics skills. 

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  • Junior Rec. Gymnasts Ages 6 to 9 years

    A gymnast who has progressed to the Junior level has developed the strength and flexibility needed to learn more advanced skills (it's not mandatory to have been registered into the previous age category levels to register for the Junior program). The Junior level introduces the gymnast to the guidelines and requirements set by the Ontario Gymnastics Federation. As the levels progress, the required skills become more demanding. Junior gymnasts will be working on mastering basic skills on each event such as a pull-over on bars, a bridge kick over on floor, basic walks and jumps on beam and begin to learn handspring on vault.

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  • Senior Rec. Gymnasts Ages 9 to 12 years old

    This class will teach skills similar to the Junior Gymnasts class but with more advanced skills with higher levels of difficulties.

    These sessions will also take into account that some students, especially beginners, will learn at a different pace compared to the younger children and may be less flexible, which is definitely ok because they will be given different skills to work on. For more experienced gymnasts, these sessions will now teach more advanced skills based on the child's ability on all of apparatuses.

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  • Boys Only Gymnasts

    Boys only classes are very well structured towards men's gymnastics. Same as every other class Boys Only class is starting with warm up and stretching. Your child will be guided through skill progressions and specific drills in order to achieve the foundations of the most important gymnastics skills. All athletes will be training on Olympic events/equipment: Floor Exercise, Pommel Horse, Rings, Vault, Parallel Bars and High Bar and in addition to that, they will use our in-ground Trampoline, Foam Pit and a large variety of small specialized equipment. At the end of every class they will be doing conditioning (fitness type exercises with their own body weight) and/or games. Our goal for your child is to learn proper gymnastics skills safely, and increase strength, flexibility, coordination, and of course to become a hard working, self-confident and healthy individual.

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  • Teen Gymnasts Ages 13 + years old

    This class combines flexibility and strength training with instruction on Vault, Bars, Beam, Floor, Tumbl Trak and Trampoline. Beginner through advanced levels are welcome.

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  • Tumbling & Trampoline

    This class combines flexibility and strength training with instruction on  Floor, Tumbl Trak and Trampoline. Beginner through advanced levels are welcome.

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  • Make Your Own Class

    Make Your Own Class, Your Time, Your Day
    Minimum 4 Participants, Maximum 8 Participants

    Ages 4 years old and Up (the closer the age of the participants the more successful the class will be)

    The price will be according to amount of children registered, and amount of time spent in the gym.

    If you are interested please contact us for availability and further details.

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